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Research that leads the way

Our forward-thinking research team (AKA the TrustedSec Research Unit) produces practical TTPs to make your program more secure.

Our mission

Our research ensures that TrustedSec consultants keep up with the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.

We develop advanced tooling with features and capabilities not found in the commercial market.

TrustedSec Research Unit (TRU) highlight

Meet Carlos Perez, the TrustedSec Research Team Lead.

Carlos has been active in the security community since 1999. He presents at conferences, creates open-source projects, and is a Microsoft MVP.

Our contributions to the community help us create a more secure world.

Because we constantly research and develop new TTPs, our archives are chock-full of ideas.



Research highlight

Learning Sysmon YouTube series

Watch the “Learning Sysmon” video series hosted by TRU Team Lead Carlos Perez. More than 20 videos available!

Staying a step ahead

Attackers are always innovating—but so are we. TRU develops custom training and workshops on subjects not easily found elsewhere. We provide expert services and advice on advanced subjects.

Empower your business through better security design.

Talk directly with our experienced advisory consultants to learn how we can help.