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Webinars November 01 2023

JS-Tap: Weaponizing JavaScript for Red Teamers

During this webinar, Senior Security Consultant, Drew Kirkpatrick will introduce a new open source tool, JS-Tap, that is designed to allow Red Teamers to…

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Webinars October 24 2023

Virtual Q&A With The PCI Dream Team: What to Expect in 2024

Get the inside track on PCI DSS Version 4 as the PCI Dream Team takes the virtual stage. They will cover a variety of topics centered around v4 from both…

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Webinars October 11 2023

Staying Aligned: IR Program Maturity

Join Senior Security Consultant Steph Saunders (CEH, CPT, CMMC-RP) to discover ways you can stay aligned with your IR Program Maturity.

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Webinars August 23 2023

A More Efficient Attack Path Effectiveness Assessment

Join Director of Advisory Innovations Rockie Brockway as he discusses the history of this unique offering and learn about how the evolution of this tool has…

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Webinars August 02 2023

Assumed Breach 101: Planning your next offensive engagement

Join Targeted Operations Practice Lead Jason Lang for this one-hour webinar about planning your next offensive engagement.

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Webinars July 20 2023

PCI Dream Team: PCI 4.0 and New Book Release

Join the incredible PCI Dream Team, featuring the dynamic Art “Coop” Cooper from TrustedSec, the brilliant Ben Rothke from Tapad, the audacious Jeff Hall from…

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Webinars July 12 2023

Cybersecurity Research Trends

Join Carlos Perez, our Research Lead, and Incident Commander Liz Waddell as they take a look at the biggest trends in the industry and pick apart what’s most…

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Webinars June 21 2023

Demystifying ISO 27001: From Certification to Integration

Join Chris Camejo, Compliance Services Practice Lead, and get the knowledge and guidance you need to demystify your compliance journey with ISO 27001.

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Webinars June 07 2023

Insecure by Default: The Hidden Complexities of Cloud Security

Join experts from our Cloud Security and Hardening teams to gain practical insights for how to enhance your own cloud security posture.

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Webinars May 17 2023

Elevate Your Threat Hunting Program: Actionable Advice from IR Experts

Join veteran Threat Hunters Justin Vaicaro and Ashley Pearson as they share their experience working with businesses to build and fine-tune their threat…

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