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Policy & Procedure Development

Take the guesswork out of InfoSec

Documentation is part of an ecosystem and requires continuous improvement to remain effective.

Security policies are the binding rules by which an organization manages and acknowledges risk. Policies address threats, engage employees, and outline the rules of engagement and penalties. Because security attacks against organizations are increasing in both number and sophistication, we must ensure systems can be protected against these threats. The first step in achieving this is to document the rules and guidelines around system management, operation, and use. By complying with these rules and guidelines, organizations can protect their systems and people from a security threat.

Documented policies and procedures take the guesswork out of InfoSec and enable an organization to manage business risk through defined controls, providing a benchmark for audit and corrective action.

Without documented policies and procedures, each employee and contractor will act in accordance with their own perception of acceptable use and system management, and the response will be ad hoc and inconsistent. Staff will be unaware of whether they are acting within the organization’s risk tolerance or not. The TrustedSec Governance, Risk, and Compliance team designs policies for businesses of all sizes in any industry. With general knowledge about IT security, compliance requirements, and security frameworks, TrustedSec can provide policies that are meaningful to both company culture and business outcomes.

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