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Hardening & Remediation Services

TrustedSec has the experience and expertise to proactively harden your environment or remediate issues after a security incident or proactive review.

Systems, cloud, backups, DevSecOps, and more

Our team combines our experience with penetration testing, incident response, and security to build upon recognized standards and best practices to provide pragmatic methods that harden and protect your environment.

TrustedSec helps you implement practical, systematic improvements in your security program before you experience a security incident, solving problems before they arise.

Consultants' expertise includes risk management, systems administration, configuration hardening, DevSecOps, cloud and on-premises environments, and more. We have experience assessing backups for a wide range of organizations—large and small, traditional infrastructure, cloud native, and everything in between.

Hardening | Systems

  • Windows Desktop and Servers
  • Linux Desktops and Servers
  • CIS-based benchmarks with insights and advice based on TrustedSec experience
  • Assistance with implementation available

Hardening | Cloud

  • Microsoft 365 (M365)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure (Azure)
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Alibaba Cloud

Hardening | DevSecOps

  • Review of your current DevOps process and technology stack
  • Identification of gaps from TrustedSec’s own DevSecOps Framework
  • Optimize security and development velocity

Hardening | Backups

  • Corruption or destruction of backups is now the primary target for ransomware
  • Resist inside threats and skilled human-operated ransomware
  • Uncover gaps that may have organization-wide impact
  • Management-level recommendations
  • System-specific technical advice
  • Verify that your backups are well protected against ransomware attack, or understand how to make improvements that will protect your organization

Custom Security Engineering | Consulting

  • Emergency remediation after a security event
  • Remediation of findings from a penetration test or hardening review
  • Direct focus on engineering solutions that harden your environment against attacks
  • Services that range from hands-on, project oversight to technical advice
  • Extensive experience with the Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune), AWS, and common supporting solutions
  • Other areas of consulting include: DevSecOps, Identity and Access Management (including MFA, PIM, PAM), vulnerability management, endpoint security, and global and mobile workforce challenges
“Having access to industry leaders right here at TrustedSec makes solving our clients' challenges easier.”
Paul SemsManaging Director of Remediation Services

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