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Red Teaming

Adversarial Attack Simulation, also known as Red Team, consists of conducting precision attacks against an organization in order to test the effectiveness and responsiveness of different parts of a security program.

Go beyond traditional penetration testing with our Red Team

Traditional Penetration Tests often exclude some avenues of attack and tactics that real adversaries are currently using.

Unlike traditional testing, an Adversarial Attack Simulation takes an integrated approach to assessing Information Security defenses by combining multiple testing strategies into a comprehensive offensive engagement with the sole objective of gaining access to customer assets.

Adversarial attack simulation can include:

  • Spear Phishing
  • Specialized Malware
  • Open Source Reconnaissance
  • Social Engineering
  • Targeted Web Application Attacks
  • Physical Security Attacks
  • Wireless Attacks

With TrustedSec, you can:

  • Improve your team’s organizational readiness
  • Gauge current performance levels
  • Improve training for defenders
  • Increase end-user Information Security awareness
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your IT security defenses and controls
  • Gain objective insight into vulnerabilities that may exist across your environment
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