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Ensure PCI compliance. Any organization that stores, processes, transmits, or supports the security of credit card data may need to comply with PCI DSS.

Comprehensive PCI Services

TrustedSec is a Qualified Security Assessor Company (QSAC) through the PCI SSC. TrustedSec employs many QSAs, some of whom have been in place since the PCI SSC began the program nearly 20 years ago. TrustedSec QSAs will recognize and suggest the best options available, from PCI Readiness Assessment to PCI SAQ Assistance and issuance of a PCI DSS Report on Compliance (ROC).

Scoping and Gap Assessments

As the first steps in ensuring PCI compliance, scoping and gap assessments include having the appropriate people, processes, and technical controls aligned to an organization’s compliance scope. Whether the organization is new to PCI or is already compliant but new to the latest DSS version 4, TrustedSec is able to help.

SAQ Assistance

Depending on transaction levels, merchants and service providers may be able to report compliance with a Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ). Depending on the in-scope payment channels, an organization may be able to test fewer controls than the full SAQ type D and the entire DSS. While completing an SAQ report can help reduce the cost and burden of reporting PCI compliance, all in-scope requirements must be verified as in place. TrustedSec can help reduce the organization's burden in verifying compliance and provide independent attestation that compliant operations are in place.

PCI ROC Assessment

The PCI ROC Assessment is a formal assessment performed by a PCI QSA. It includes on-site interviews with subject-matter experts, review of documentation and evidence, and samples of key systems to ensure that controls are in place. At the end of the engagement, two (2) artifacts will be produced reflecting the compliance status of the payment processing or supporting environment, including a ROC and an Attestation of Compliance (AOC).

PCI ASV Vulnerability Scans

For vulnerability scanning requirements needing an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV), TrustedSec offers these PCI services. Compliant ASV scan reports identify known vulnerabilities at least every 3 months.

PCI Implementation Guidance

Every organization has unique challenges, is in a different place, and needs to approach solutions at a different pace. By utilizing TrustedSec's resources, a constant measure of guidance can be shared over time.

“Having access to industry leaders right here at TrustedSec makes solving our clients' challenges easier.”
Paul SemsManaging Director of Remediation Services
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