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Cloud Testing

Gain a deep understanding of the flaws in your Azure and AWS environments

TrustedSec ensures that cloud services are tested using real-world tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs).

The configuration of an organization’s Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services instance and the application code or assets residing in the environment can contain security issues that are not present in traditional on-premise environments. Penetration testing evaluates the effectiveness of cloud security programs and identifies deficiencies that could put your information assets at risk.

TrustedSec builds on a traditional, uncredentialed Penetration Test with the Assumed Access Model for cloud environments. The Assumed Access Model gives TrustedSec additional views into an environment, revealing what an attacker would have access to if they were to compromise user credentials, an application, or the underlying application stack. Our approach to cloud assessments can help you identify real-world attack paths particular to your organization's cloud environment.

With TrustedSec you can:

  • Gain objective insight into vulnerabilities that may exist within Azure or AWS
  • Test the environment using the latest attack intelligence and techniques.
  • Identify systemic weaknesses in the cloud controls
  • Improve resiliency to attack
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your IT security defenses
  • Create a more secure cloud computing environment for all stakeholders
“It's an incredible, collaborative environment where I can rely on anyone for support, and that's truly priceless.”
Martin BosCSO, VP of Consulting Services
Blog February 21 2023

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A Primer on Cloud Logging for Incident Response

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Blog October 04 2022

Common Conditional Access Misconfigurations and Bypasses in Azure

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