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Business Risk & Alignment Services

Ensure teams have a clear and consistent understanding of business risks and goals.

Data-driven organizational alignment

The Business Risk Assessment is an evaluation of business components, systems, threat actors, and the variables that can have a negative impact on an organization’s ability to succeed and grow.

TrustedSec first analyzes information gathered from business leadership to understand data and system criticality. Next, threat actor data is analyzed to understand techniques and targets. This telemetry is then used to perform more precise adversarial simulations to determine how business-critical data could be breached. The results of these phases are used to derive likelihood and impact ratings. Lastly, TrustedSec develops a series of short, mid, and long-term prioritized strategic recommendations.

“Weaving risk, group theory, and adaptation with business strategy is one way we stand out.”
Rockie BrockwayDirector of Advisory Innovations

Empower your business through better security design.

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