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Architecture Assessments

Evaluate your organization's cybersecurity technology defense posture.

Owning tools is not the same as effectively using them.

To be effective, cybersecurity tools must be integrated with the existing technology and processes. TrustedSec will review the current cybersecurity architecture and make recommendations relevant to configuration and capabilities.

  • Functionality - Are the toolsets able to perform the required functions?
  • Configuration - Are the toolsets properly performing the required functions?
  • Management - Does your organization have the resources and skills to manage the toolsets?
  • Capabilities - Is your organization using the toolset's full capabilities?

No matter what cybersecurity technology your organization uses, TrustedSec has the expertise to provide detailed and actionable recommendations to improve your tool deployment.

“Weaving risk, group theory, and adaptation with business strategy is one way we stand out.”
Rockie BrockwayDirector of Advisory Innovations

Empower your business through better security design.

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